Beyond Basics


I run my own business out of my home office. I was stressed out because I knew I would need to find all of my tax documents soon but I had several years of paperwork piled on my desk (filing papers is NOT my strong suit)! Brenda came in and helped me go through everything and created a filing system. Now I can find any piece of paper I ever need. Such a huge relief.

-Keith J.
I know I should have been keeping my paperwork organized all along but who has the time? When I needed to find some warrany information, all I knew was that it was in "the pile".  Just
the thought of trying to find it made me realize it was time to call for help. I'm so thankful that Beyond Basics Organizing came in and helped me finally make sense of it all.

-Dawn B.
I didn't even know where to start with my closet. I just knew I needed some help. Brenda came in and in just a few short hours, it was like a brand new closet. She was just a joy to work with. She really listened and we came up with a system that works for me.

-Kate R.